Tuesday, December 30, 2014


These past 2 weeks have been pretty hectic. Texas was a blast and incredibly rainy, and except for falling in a ditch, it was a great time had by all! Now back to the realities of work and everyday life. We can't all be on an endless vacation...

About 2 weeks before heading off to Texas, we played a show at a south central backyard. The show was a total throw back to when I was a young kid, with a bunch of young kids holding a 40oz Mickeys in one hand and 3 balloons in the other (if you've ever been to a street punk backyard in LA, you know what's up). To add to the feeling of being in 2005, I was surprised to see that LAKRA had played. I didn't get to see them play, as I had shown up late, but I did get to talking to one of the guys from the band. It turns out, they've just started playing again, which I think is pretty cool. The last time I saw this band play was probably about 6 years ago, and then they quietly disappeared. Anyways, it turns out that they've recently recorded a new demo and they were nice enough to send me their old demo along with the new one.

You can read more about them and their sound over at the Hardcore Por Vida Blog

You can download their old demo here

And you can download their 2014 demo here

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