Wednesday, February 6, 2019


We continue this week with more punk from Singapore! I believe we shared the stage twice with XYRESIC (once in Malaysia and again in Singapore). I hope my brain hasn't gotten so fried that I can't remember that exactly, but I'm pretty sure about that. This band is pretty sick. They came out on stage all geared up and masked and played some ripping hardcore! At times, it has a bit of a metallic edge, but it gets the blood pumping all the same. Watching young punks get out there and put out some solid tupa-tupa style punk always reminds me of why I love this shit in the first place. One thing I didn't notice then was the song titles are in Spanish. I don't know if the lyrics are in Spanish too (it's a bit hard to decipher with the reverb. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm going deaf). Anyway, this is a solid release and you can check it out here

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