Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Fuck! It's been almost 3 weeks since I lost my internet and I haven't had a chance to really post much up here. Hopefully by this weekend, I'll be hooked back up! In the meantime, everyone should know that in 2 weeks BELGRADO (Spain) and BELLICOSE MINDS (Pdx) will be touring the West Coast and they will be having 3, count em, 3 shows in So Cal! That's fuckin' great! The first one will be in San Pedro (on Nov. 8) at Harolds place w/ MANIA. Then Nov. 10 in Costa Mesa at The Wizards Den w/ GENERACION SUICIDA and DAMAGES. The next day on Nov. 11 it's an early show, starts at 4pm at the 6th Street Haus in Long Beach w/ TERRIBLE FEELINGS (Sweden). Go to all three shows. You wont regret it!

Once I get my permanent internet back up, I'll be uploading some unreleased GENERACION SUICIDA tracks (mainly the 3 tracks that were recorded last year for the 7 inches) and I'll be uploading some RAYOS X outtakes I found on my computer (for all of you that still care). Speaking of the GS tracks, we will have 50 test presses of the single at the BELGRADO/BELLICOSE MINDS show (finally). This single has been taking a while to come, but I know a lot of work has been done to get this out the door. I'm excited to finally see it's release. We go in to the studio on Nov. 10 also, so expect to hear some previews of our next release in the coming weeks.

Stay Golden!

-Tony Boi

Thursday, October 4, 2012


GENERACION SUICIDA will be playing Oakland Friday night at the Pink String on 8th and Campbell and The Knockout in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon. We'll have a new tape available:

Side A is live in KBOO (PDX), Side B is live at Blackwater (PDX). It's 4 bucks in person. We'll also have shirts and other merch. Get ready Bay Area!

-Tony Boi