Thursday, June 21, 2012


Shit just hit the fan! Here's a cool little bootleg Dan posted up on his Blog, Old Fast and Loud It has live sets ripped from youtube videos and includes GENERACION SUICIDA, POLISKITZO, LA VOZ, THE HELPLESS, and DESTRUYE Y HUYE. Pretty cool stuff and all of it worth a listen. You can download it from his blog or you can download it here Either way, make sure to visit his blog. It's awesome! 'Nuff said... By the way, I can't stop hearing that Sad Boys demo tape. If you haven't heard it, I'll upload it tomorrow (though I'm pretty sure it's uploaded everywhere else) along with another old tape I just can't stop listening to...

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Here it is. Just as I promised, the RAYOS X discography for all you vultures, haha. As you I said last time, RAYOS X is no more. We haven't played a show in months, and I doubt we will play a final show (though never say never, as I always say). RAYOS X started in January 2009 and our first show was a backyard in south central LA. We played many shows in cities we never thought we'd play and everyone we ever met was great. Too bad all things must come to an end, but I always thought it's better to end things when they're good than to burn out... Thanks to everyone for all the good times. Thank you all for feeding us, letting us crash at your pads, and for putting up with our drunken stupidness. Here is everything we've ever officially released. There are 3 other live releases that I know of, one with D-CLONE, one at the Lynwood House, and one at San Francisco's Doomed Fest (if I find them, I'll upload them here later this week).
RAYOS X - 2009 demo Recorded in 5 hours in SABER M's garage. You can download it here.
RAYOS X - MI DESORDEN Recorded in 2010 at the Lynwood House. This was recorded at the same time as the SUFRIMIENTO Ep. Both were recorded in about 8 hours (I blame the alcohol). You can download it here. RAYOS X - SUFRIMIENTO Recorded at the same time as the MI DESORDEN Ep. Download it here. RAYOS X - SOLEDAD Our final release. Recorded at the Crash Pad in the spring of 2011. All the drums were done in one take, but the bass took a few days to get done right. This really took a long time to release. We had 50 test presses for sale during our final tour last September, but it wasn't released until about 3 weeks ago. You can download it here. So there it is. Everything we officially released. I hope you all enjoy it! Until next time, stay golden. -Tony Boi