Monday, January 26, 2015


About 2 weeks ago, GENERACION SUICIDA went on a mini trip to the bay area. It was an interesting trip for me, mainly because the whole time I thought I would be rendered blind at any moment. Let me start from the beginning. About a month ago, I went to the optometrist just to get contact lens exam. However, upon closer inspection, the doctor told me with a frightened expression that my retinas were tearing and had been for some time. Holy shit, my retinas were about to detach. She recommended I see a specialist immediately just to make sure I didn't need surgery. So for the next two weeks after that, I spent every waking moment with the constant fear that any little sneeze, cough, bump, or loud vibration would cause my retinas to become detached. I was finally due to see a specialist the Monday after our bay area trip, so I wasn't in a very upbeat mood the whole time I was in the bay. Anyways... On that Saturday the show was great. Oakland never disappoints that for sure! All the bands were great. TORSO, ISOTOPE, SYNDICATE, and ACRYLICS were all  killer! While I tried to be chill through out the show (so as to keep my eyeballs and retinas in their sockets), I did manage to pick up the SYNDICATE demo. This is a really cool demo. Melodic punk in the vein of bands like NEON PISS or NUCLEAR SPRING. I don't really like to compare bands to other bands, but that's exactly what I just did haha. The demo has a raw garage feel as well, something I dig as I don't really like overproduced band recordings. As with most bands in 2015, they have a bandcamp, so you can download all their stuff from there (for free or if you can pitch in a few bucks. It really helps DIY bands!).

You can check out their bandcamp here

Oh, and in case you are wondering, my retinas are fine. The doc took one look and calmly said, "your retinal tears are old and healed on their own already". No surgery required. Hell yeah, I was so stoked to put away that "Braille for Dummies" and wooden cane away... for now.