Thursday, January 17, 2019


We're going to keep moving across South East Asia this week. Today we have the might SS/BLOCK from Malaysia. We were lucky enough to tour with them through Malaysia when we were down there. What we have here is a kind of US inspired HC for lack of a better description. Do you like GLUE? Then you'll dig this. At times the drumming reminds me of UK82 styles beats with the pedal and snare striking at the same time. Doesn't matter what I describe this as, just know that it rips!! If you're anything like me, you'll probably find yourself headbanging in your cubicle while you listen to this at work (which is what I'm currently doing).

Check them out on their bandcamp here

Here's a short video of their set when we played together in Georgetown. Cool space with a skate ramp and tons of kids just ripping it up:

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Been gone for about 2 years, which in the grand scheme of things isn't really so long (although in internet years, it's almost like being gone 100 years)! I've been travelling and doing so much that to be honest, I even forgot about this site.Well, I'm back! And fresh off a trip from South East Asia. Today we have Gaze Dread from Jakarta, Indonesia. I was lucky enough to catch them while we were in Jakarta (which was a wild show and in general is just a wild town!). I've never seen so many motorbikes in my life in a single town. The traffic reminded me of an old joke my Dad use to tell me: A guy is trying to cross the street, but the traffic is non stop persistent. He yells at a guy across the street, "hey buddy, where's the cross walk to get over there"? The guy replies, "I don't know. I was born on this side"! Anyways, this demo is just straight up sick hardcore. Real quick and aggressive and reminds me of bands like SIEGE. This demo is good, but live this shit will blow your mind (and ears) out. Hope someday they can come to the West Coast and make all our ears bleed.
You can download and listen to their demo on their bandcamp.


Friday, July 8, 2016


Japan is an incredible country. The food is delicious, the scenery is beautiful, you can buy beer from vending machines, and they have some of the best punk bands in the world! When most people in the US think of punk from Japan, they tend to think of raw noisey stuff (like FRAMTID or ZYANOSE). That's not the case with THE SAVAGES, however. What we have here is melodic and catchy. It's infectious and it'll get in your brain and you want this in your brain! Download this stuff and sing along the best you can (I've also included their side of the split EP they did with BLACK AND WHITE).

You can download it here.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I finally had the time to recover from Manic Relapse weekend... Kind of. It was honestly one of the best weekends in a long time, and not just because of all the awesome bands that played, but because of all the good friends from all over that I got to hang out with! I wish it could have lasted a little longer...

Anyways, I first got this tape about a month or 2 ago off of STEEL CHAINS when they played LA (and if you missed them, then you're a bozo). This is Kiwi's favorite tape and she plays it all the time. I can't really blame her, because it really is that good! It's got a melodic punk vibe similar to bands like RED DONS or DEFECT DEFECT. I think the most unique aspect of this tape is the vocals. They give it an almost post punk feel. But what do I know? Nothing, that's what. From what I've been told, this band was pretty short lived and is no longer active, which is a shame. At least we still have this tape *tape player chews up tape*

No worries if it chews up your tape tho, just download it here.

Monday, April 25, 2016


This one was a bit of a mystery to me. When ORDEN MUNDIAL played the Dog Haus, the next day was a bit of a mess. Someone had locked the garage door and taken the key, locking all of the gear inside the garage. Also, the singer was missing and no one knew where to even begin looking for him. To make things a bit more urgent, some of the members had a flight to catch in a few hours. It was a hectic morning to say the least. Once everything had been settled and the missing people were found, everyone rushed out of the house (I never got my garage key back though). Later that same day, I was looking thru my tapes and I noticed a tape that wasn't there before. XM2, I can only assume, was left as a gift... Or maybe it fell out of someones pocket. In any case, thanks for the tape! Raging hardcore from Barcelona. It's similar to bands like BARCELONA or ORDEN MUNDIAL. Thru a random email many months later, I found out that Hector from ABSURDO sings in this band (although he doesn't sing on this tape). As everyone I'm sure already knows, Barcelona has some of the best hardcore bands in the world, and this is no exception.

You can download the demo here and you can stream and follow the band here.

Friday, April 22, 2016


About 2 years ago, I was in Denton, Texas. If you've never been, let me describe it to you: It was really cold, really lonely, and really quiet. It was one of those cities on tour where you get out and everyone (whoever is actually outside that is) looks at you weird because you either look punk, you're not from there, or both. Some random lady even tried to take a pic of us as we walked into a book store. I mean, really get in our face for an extreme close up photo! I don't really know where I'm going with this story, other than later that night we played a cool show in the basement of a pizza place in Denton. It was a pretty cool show and better than I expected. One of the highlights from that show was SLIMY MEMBER. A lot of people use terms like "dark punk" so I guess that's what we can use for this. It doesn't sound anything like post-punk or anything like that. It's more of a heavy dark hardcore... Whatever. The point is IT'S GOOD! I'm always super grateful to catch amazing bands when I'm on tour and this day was no exception... Even with the outside world being so cold and lonely.

You can download and check out all their stuff here

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


I stayed up all night setting up my next post: Ripping the record, scanning the covers, thinking what I want to say. Then today right before I post it up, I realized that I had already posted it 2 years ago. Rather than let that deter me from posting today, I'll share this: A track off our new split we're doing with ESPERANZA and SOLPAATOS from Japan. We'll be touring down there in June of this year. In the meantime, you can check out the track below.