Thursday, March 31, 2016


While digging thru my emails, I came across an email from Atacho, who does the Crisis Total zine in Chile. I have a horrible memory, and I don't think I ever even read this email when it came in (sad to admit). To anyone else I haven't replied to yet, I'm sorry!

Anyways, in his email he sent me a link to check out his band DESPERFECTO. I'm super glad he did too, as this stuff rips (I need to come up with more adjectives to describe good punk). Hardcore/pogo-ish punk that reminds me of bands like AS MERCENARIAS or LA MISMA, but in Spanish. I've heard that Chile has an amazing punk scene and if this band is any indication, then yeah I can believe that. As an added bonus, they have a split with REHUSAR on their bandcamp. I don't know much about REHUSAR other than they sound way heavier and angrier than DESPERFECTO. A cool split and something that would go great with doing things that require venting (like washing the dishes or folding clothes. I hate crusted forks)!

Check out their stuff here.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


You know, I've come to the conclusion that I'm pretty spoiled when it comes to punk. There's never a lack of bands to find, whether here in LA or elsewhere in the world...

I got an email last May from GENERACION BASURA asking me if I can take a listen to their demo and share their music. Although it's been about a year since that email, I've always believed it's better late than never. So check this out, punk from Seville, Spain that's in the vein of old US hardcore. Not really anything surprising really, as a lot of old Spanish bands were influenced by bands from the USA. So, this could be influenced by old US bands or old Spanish bands. You decide! This reminds me of bands like TDK or ESCORBUTO CRONICO (who in turn remind of DEAD KENNEDY'S and MDC). Yes, things really do seem to come around full circle some times.
PS look at that cover art! It reminds me of early 90's MTV Oddities cartoons like THE MAXX or THE HEAD. Maybe it's the purple, maybe it's the mouth, or maybe it's this glue I'm sniffing, but it gives me that vibe.

Anyways, check them out right here