Sunday, May 12, 2013


Ekolalia is the newest side project featuring members of Generacion Suicida and La Voz. Straight up raw punk in the vein of Eskorbuto, Colera, RIP, etc... I would post up a download link, but Mediafire has been going crazy lately, deleting links and giving out violation notices like it's nobody's business, haha. However, here is a link to the new Ekolalia bandcamp, where you can here the music and download it for free (or pay if you want). If you want it for free, just put in a 0 where it says how much do you want to pay.

on another note, Generacion Suicida's next show will be with Subhumans on May 26. Here's the flyer:
We also have a facebook now (and a bandcamp too) Check out the new Generacion Suicida Lp out on the bandcamp. Here's the link:

Should be a good month...