Friday, June 28, 2013


Welcome to a new feature I'm starting on this blog. I call it the FAST FIVE FRIDAYS and it's basically five questions asked to a band of my choice. Pretty simple, right? Lets get this underway...

CATHOLIC SPIT has been around for a while, but only recently has begun to get noticed in LA. Maybe it's because they're from Ventura? Or maybe it's because their unique punk/deathrock/goth/synth hybrid went right over the majority of the LA crowd that dig nothing but the rawest punk? In any case, it's great that these guys are doing their stuff. They have an Ep out entitled "I'm Your God Now" and a new recently released Lp called "A Pact With The Devil". The kids in LA like to call it "Spooky Punk" (which I find hilarious), but really when I hear this stuff, it reminds me of a of something like X meets MISFITS meets GORILLA ANGREB or something along those lines. Cool/dark synthesizers, guitars full of tremolo effect, technical drumming, and a female singer that sounds both ferocious and on key at the same time make this something you wont wanna miss. If you want to listen to them for yourself, check out:

1. Tell us a little about yourselves. When did Catholic Spit start? Where are you all from? How did you all meet & decide to make the band? Whats one of your most memorable shows?

-The idea for Catholic Spit started around Winter of 2010 in Ventura, CA. Oscar, Kaleb and myself (Chris) had recently put the brakes on our hardcore band Dogends and wanted to do something different.  It was Oscar's idea to start a death rock band, and he had been writing some good tunes that fit somewhere in between deathrock and Dangerhouse era punk. It started with Oscar playing guitar, KK on drums and myself playing bass. we recorded a track or two so we could show it to a potential drummer so I could play synth and KK could move to bass. We eventually convinced the old Dogends drummer to join when we proved the songs were drastically different from our old band and this wasn't just the same band with a different singer. Which brings us to Ericka; we had befriended her earlier that year through mutual friends and found out she was an excellent singer, so we asked her to join. Then we really started working our first set of songs.
Personally one of my favorite shows was our gig with Stalag 13 at the Ojai Women's Center. Our current drummer Nick had recently joined the band, the venue was packed, and the kids went nuts. It was a blast!
2. You guys consider yourselves to be “Deathrock”, but to me there is a distinct punk sound to your guys’ music. What do you think makes your band so unique in the punk/deathrock genre?
-Yeah, that was definitely on purpose since day one.  I think it comes from a weird combination of listening to a lot of early LA Punk like the Screamers, the Bags, Deadbeats, etc., having just played in a 80's style hardcore band, and A LOT of fuckin' TSOL. But the songs still gravitate towards that dark punk/ death rock sound.
3. You guys are from Ventura, which is about 60 miles north of Los Angeles. Tell us about the scene in Ventura. Is it much different from the scene in Los Angeles?
-Ventura and LA are literally worlds apart in this sense. There's a lot more diversity in LA and people watch your band even if they've never heard of you. Ventura's a lot smaller than LA and even though there's a variety of bands that play here it seems like they always kinda stick together and play the same shows.
4. I noticed you guys play a lot of 21 and over shows. Growing up, I always disliked when bands played at bars where the kids couldn't get in. What are your thoughts on 21+ shows? Are they better than all ages shows?
-It really depends. We've played some really fun bar shows, but we've also played some great all ages shows. We definitely play more bar shows in Ventura because the simple fast is that Ventura can't seem to hold onto an all ages venue that caters to punk. Cops here have nothing better to do than fuck with us, they've literally threatened venues and shops to cancel all ages punk shows.
We'd prefer all ages shows that allow people of age to drink, which right now we can only do at Zoey's cafe, but the catch there is all ages shows end at 10pm and anything after is strictly 21+, thanks to our boys in blue.
5. You guys have a new Lp out now on Bad Touch Records. Do you guys have any plans on touring in support of this new Lp?
-We did, but they fell through for a couple of reasons. Hopefully we'll be able to make a tour happen soon.
Chris Bad Touch
Bad Touch Records
PO Box 7668
Ventura, CA 93006-7668


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


The EKOLALIA demo "SI LO KE KIEREN ES UNA GUERRA" is out and available now! EKOLALIA will be having a tape release show this Saturday in Hawthorne at The Den. It's a free show, but unfortunately it is 21 and over (SNEAK IN)! In the mean time, listen to and download the demo thru here:

If you want to order the tape, send an email to: Get in touch for wholesale prices as well. See everyone on Saturday!!