Sunday, July 10, 2011


So, I've been mega busy with life lately, so I haven't had much time to contribute to this blog. Here's a couple of updates for everyone:

The Generacion Suicida tape is still in print. These are limited to only 500 copies and a 7 inch should be out later in the summer on Mata La Musica, based out of LA.

Poliskitzo's 2nd s/t demo tape is also still in print. 8 tracks of melodic punk as they are best known for.

Los Muertos Caminan comp is still available. This comp has 20 songs, from 10 of the best bands in LA. You can download it off of Terminal Escape here

Email rayosxpunx(at) to order any of these tapes.

There's also 2 shows coming in July.

July 15 at the Crash Pad
Geister (Canada)
Broken Needle
Generacion Suicida
Shark Skin

July 30
Fodder (Sacramento)
Deras Krig (Bay Area)
Rayos X
La Voz

Both shows 3 bucks, both shows start at 7. Support touring bands!

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