Thursday, June 21, 2012


Shit just hit the fan! Here's a cool little bootleg Dan posted up on his Blog, Old Fast and Loud It has live sets ripped from youtube videos and includes GENERACION SUICIDA, POLISKITZO, LA VOZ, THE HELPLESS, and DESTRUYE Y HUYE. Pretty cool stuff and all of it worth a listen. You can download it from his blog or you can download it here Either way, make sure to visit his blog. It's awesome! 'Nuff said... By the way, I can't stop hearing that Sad Boys demo tape. If you haven't heard it, I'll upload it tomorrow (though I'm pretty sure it's uploaded everywhere else) along with another old tape I just can't stop listening to...


  1. So I am far behind with some albums, and going over 2012 lists, I am just hearing about the Sad Boys demo tape. I have been searching tonight, and all of the links I can find have been dropped. Would you be able to upload it? Greatly appreciated if possible!! Thanks.

    1. Boom!! Wish granted! If you're in LA, make sure to catch them at Lethal Amounts in Downtown LA tonight!!