Thursday, March 6, 2014


Take one look at this artwork and you may think this is some old 80's South American punk band, but you'd be (somewhat) mistaken. PURA MANIA comes from Vancouver, BC Canada and this demo is from this year, 2014 (although the insert says 2013). Consisting of Members of FRACASO and SPECTRES (what a combination!), this band has elements of raw 80's South American punk with a slight dark post-punk feel... and it rules! "1000 AƱos despues del hombre" will have you wanting to shake out of your own skin in public places (just try to show a little restraint, please!). Now to only convince PURA MANIA to come to Los Angeles...

You can download the demo here.

Please comment if the link is down. Mediafire sure likes to delete files it has no business deleting these days...

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