Monday, April 14, 2014


This post is going to be a bit bare bones, seeing how much I actually know about this band and the obscurity of this demo. HOUSE OF BREATH is a post punk/goth band from Los Angeles featuring members of PESSIMIST (which is a hardcore crust/death metal band). While I've seen PESSIMIST play a couple of times, I've only had the chance to see HOUSE OF BREATH play once. Word on the street is that this band is no longer active and actually rarely ever played in the first place. That's a damn shame, because what we have here is some total SISTERS OF MERCY type post-punk/goth/death rock (or whatever you wanna call it). Although this is a 4 track demo, I only managed to get a hold of 3 of the 4 tracks. This demo is perfect for that gloomy train ride to that job we all hate in the morning or to finish off the night with a few beers alone...

EDIT: Apparently, this band is still active, although now they go by the name COCOON and use a drum machine. They still play pretty rarely though...

Download the demo here


  1. wassup with the file? i downloaded it and my computer can't read the file. is this them....

    1. Yes, that is them. You have to extract the file either using winrar or 7zip.