Thursday, March 10, 2011



Another blast from the past, courtesy of our West Side friends, Poliskitzo. This was a self released split with another band, called Ratas. Both of these bands hail from the west side of LA (Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, etc...). We all know that La Banda Ya Basta become Poliskitzo, but I don't really know what ever became of Ratas (although, I do know the singer played rhythm guitar in Poliskitzo for a bit). I don't exactly remember when this CD was released, but I do believe it was about 5 years ago at the most. Ratas play punk more akin to fast hardcore and while it's not bad, the Ya Basta side really steals the show. As always, melodic/anthemic sing along punk you can dance too. Great stuff! Now download it!

I reuploaded this for everyone that is still interested. Download here: Ya Basta/Ratas

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