Tuesday, March 15, 2011



This next post comes courtesy from our friends FODDER from Sacramento. Coincidentally, this band contains members from VERRATERISCH, and as we all know, we're all big fans them too! This demo contains 10 tracks of raw D-Beat the likes of Early Discharge or later Varukers... Not too crusty, with a hardcore/UK82 twist. We actually got a chance to play with these guys the last time we were in Sacramento, and while there wasn't that many people at the show, they still managed to shine. Definitely fun stuff and something to keep your eye on. Hopefully, I can one day convince these guys to drive down and play in LA. In the meantime, you can listen to this demo and thank me later.


This demo is still in print, and if you enjoy my download, please support the band by buying their tape. I believe Mata La Musica carries some down here in LA.

I'm not going to be posting up anything new for the next week, as I'll be outta town. Tomorrow I'll try to post up the final dates for the Rayos X tour, so people can know whats up with that!

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  1. Hola...

    We are DFMK from Tijuana, Mexico.

    You have a really cool Blog, don't know if you could post our demo for download.

    If your interested, we can send it to you by mediafire. Our email is dfmk.rnr@gmail.com

    Cheers from Tijuana... Home of the Zonkey