Friday, January 25, 2013


Today was a shitty day... Bored at work, run after the train, hit mad traffic, find out your dog has bleeding cysts... The pits, I say! But one thing made the day go by, and I will share it with you... Free Radicalz! These guys rule hard! I had the pleasure of seeing them when they came to play in East LA (I forget what was the name of the record store they played in, but it was pretty short lived. Black Wax, maybe?). Man, that front man was all over the place! The kids didn't know what to make of it, and everybody just stood still. It was totally lame and these guys deserved so much more! Sadly, Free Radz are no longer a band and this recording is their only output as a band (at least as far as I know). Lucky for us it totally rips! The bassist in this band now does frontwoman duties in Sad Boys (which you can check out here). You can download the Free Radz stuff right here.


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