Saturday, January 19, 2013


The time has come to hit the road once again. The test presses for our single on Mata La Musica has finally been approved and should be out in February (just in time for this tour). In case you haven't heard the single yet, you can here it here.

Here are the dates and cities for our tour. We have people working on shows for each city, but we still need help in Olympia. Get in touch if you can help out in any way! You can email us here: rayosxpunx(at)gmail .com

March 2 - Los Angeles, CA @ South Central Haus
March 7 - San Jose, CA @ El Gato Negro
March 8 - Portland, OR @ Blackwater 
March 9 - Olympia, WA
March 10 - Vancouver, Canada @ Iron Road Studios
March 11 - Kamloops, Canada @ LittleBig House
March 12 - Seattle, WA @ Georgetown Liquor Company
March 13 - Portland, OR@ The Know
March 14 - Arcata, CA
March 15 - Oakland, CA
March 16 - San Francisco, CA @ The Fortress
March 22 - San Diego, CA @ Haus show
March 23 - Tijuana, Mexico

 I'll update the info on the locations once I get certain details set in stone! On another note, check out our blogspot for a sneak peak at our new Lp! Here is the link.



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  2. fuck yeah man can't wait for the show in San Diego!!

  3. Hey do u have the adress for the show in Tijuana?? let me know I have a friend that's from out their been wanting to go south of the border for a ponk rock show

  4. hey, just wanted to say thanks for all the great music here - really opened my eyes to how much is going on at the moment...

    I pulled together a 42 band comp Music Para La Destrucción: the New Wave of Latino / Latina HC & Raw Punk

    on my blog that couldnt have happened without all the excellent stuff here & on Hardcore Por Vida + Terminal Escape so cheers

    was wondering though: do you think it is right/ fair to say there is a New Wave of Latino / Latina HC & Raw Punk? Hard to tell from where I am over in tasmania but certainly seems like so many new bands recently that have some sort of common ground?

    1. It's been over a year since you commented. Sorry, I've been so busy with life (basically). But better late than never. Latin@'s have always been involved in punk. There are punk bands such as THE ZEROS that have been playing since 1976 (and still occasionally play). However, Latin@s have never gotten the same recognition in the scene, which is really unfair. I'm glad that recently, people have started to take notice of all the Latin@ bands popping up (especially in Los Angeles). But throughout the 80's, 90's and early 00's there were tons of Latin@ bands: LOS CRUDOS, ICONOCLAST, HUASIPUNGO, THE BRAT, ALICE BAG, etc... currently, a lot of the Latin@ bands have been doing a style that is both raw and melodic, influenced by both South American punk and European punk. I think in a way everything comes full circle in that sense haha.

  5. ps would also love to be catching one of the Generacion Suicida gigs too - hope it goes well