Saturday, February 7, 2015


GENERACION SUICIDA will be doing a mini tour through Mexico this upcoming week. Venues and info below:

Feb 12 - Tijuana @ Mods Bar
Feb 13 - Guadalajara @ La Kalaka Bar
Feb 14 - DF @ Libelula

We're pretty stoked about this upcoming tour. Mexico has been in the spotlight these past few years thanks in part to a bunch of awesome bands that have been coming out of there. Here a few of my favorites:


Brutal hardcore! I feel like pretty much everyone loves this band, and for good reason! Too bad I missed them when they played LA, but at least we got to see them when we played together in DF last year. I'm sure you've probably heard this already, but in case you haven't, check them out here.


More raw hardcore from Mexico. This band has members of Inservibles and Muerte. Pretty excited about playing with this band on the 14. It's going to be an unforgettable Valentines Day with MUJERCITOS! You can listen to them (and download their great 2014 demo) here


Speaking of Inservibles... This band is amazing! Hardcore with super reverbed out vocals. Think of nasty, noisy hardcore, mix it with the CRAMPS, and turn it all extra gloomy and you get INSERVIBLES. I'm extremely happy I got to see them play last year in DF. I haven't wanted to puke after seeing a band in so long, but INSERVIBLES got me to that point haha. You can download the 2011 LP here (now you can puke at home too!)


Lets not forget this band! LOS MONJO have been doing the whole ESKORBUTO style punk thing for a couple of years now, and they are the masters at what they do. But to compare them just to ESKORBUTO would be a disservice! These guys play a style that is essentially dirty rock n roll that is both melodic and catchy. To really experience it though, you just have to see it live. The closest they've gotten to the states is Tijuana, but rumor has it they may finally be crossing into the USA this year. Lets keep our fingers crossed... Download their LP here

That's just 4 bands, but really there are so many more and I just don't have time to list every single one. Here's a couple of more that I can think of real quick: PUTAS MADRES, MUERTE, AVICHINES, CREMALLERAS, CRIMEN, ZOTZ, NARCOESTADO, etc...

Before I leave, check out this amazing video of MASSACRE 68 and ATOXXXICO in 1994. Sooooo epic!
Hell yeah...

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