Monday, February 14, 2011



What a coincidence that this Suicide Monday lands on Valentines Day! It's actually pretty perfect if you think about it... Anyways, this week we got Christian Death's "Only Theatre of Pain", which I think is an instant classic. It's got a goth sound, but it has some punk elements too, mainly due to Rikk Agnew (of Adolescents fame) being on guitar. The singing is another thing that stands out to me from this band. Rozz Williams has this half interested/lazy vocal style. It almost sounds like he's sleepy or something. But, don't let that stop you! It actually goes very well with the music. I gotta say, Romeo's Distress is easily my favorite song on this album. Catchy and melodic with a twist of Adolescents. This was released in 1982 and the vocalist, Rozz Williams, committed suicide by hanging himself in his apartment in 1998.

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