Monday, April 4, 2011



What more can be said about Reagan Youth that hasn't already been said? They are easily one of my all time favorite US hardcore bands. Melodic, powerful, and catchy with lyrics that will make you think. They don't make em like this anymore... Anyways, Reagan Youth started in 1980 in New York while the members were still in their early teens. Their first ep "Youth Anthems for the New Order" was released a few years later in 1984. There's really two eras to this band, and while some may look both, I prefer them in their early punk era. Their second era saw the band go in a more metal/hard rock approach, and while it's OK, it's just not as good as their first era. By the early 90's the band had already split. By this time, Dave Insurgent (the band's lead vocalist) had become a heavy heroin user. He also began dating a prostitute, who was also a heavy heroin user. She was murdered by the notorious serial killer, Joel Rifkin, who murdered several other prostitutes as well. During this time, Dave's mother was also killed when his father accidently ran over her in a parking lot. With all the tragedies surrounding him, he committed suicide by purposely overdosing on anti-depressants in 1993.

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