Tuesday, December 2, 2014


This one is kind of weird, because INFIDEL has their own bandcamp page and honestly $2 is not a lot for such a great tape. Oh well, I went through the trouble of ripping the tape anyway, so here we go. INFIDEL features current and former members of other notable bands from Vancouver like SPECTRES and SYSTEMATIK. Too me, this tape sounds like a noisey, reverb drenched version of CHRISTIAN DEATH... and I love it! LA had the pleasure of actually having INFIDEL play in South Central at The Dog Haus. If you missed them, well... you're a bozo! Today is the first actual rainy day in a long time in LA. For those of you that don't know, it almost NEVER rains in LA. So this demo goes great with the weather. Sit back, relax, light a few candles, drink some cheap beer in a wine glass and listen to this demo now!

You can download my ripped tape of the demo here

While you're at, support this band and actually visit their bandcamp page and pay for a cleaner version of these recordings. As punks, we should always be working to help each other out. Here's the link to their bandcamp page:


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