Monday, December 8, 2014


I learned a lot from our recent East Coast tour. Mainly that when google maps tells you that it'll only be 5 hours to get to New Jersey from Richmond, what it really means is that it's gonna take 10. Yes, routes on that side of the U.S. seem much farther than they really are. That night when we pulled into New Brunswick, people were rushing us out of the van and to get set up and play already. I hadn't even finished setting up merch and opening up my beer before it was time for us to play. It was definitely the most rushed show of the whole tour and that fuckin sucked. What did not suck that night, however, was RAZORHEADS. These guys played some brutal hardcore and were really fun to see live. They also seem to be a local favorite, as they had the crowd going nuts that night. This demo sounds more blown out than they do live. Download it and check it out for yourself.

Download the demo here
And check out more from RAZORHEADS here

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