Tuesday, December 9, 2014


RECKLESS from Oakland, CA. I got this tape when they came down to play in South Central LA (I believe it was earlier this year). I still remember the show like it was yesterday... It was a warm summer night (it's always summer in Los Angeles) and they came down with another band, STAY SCARED. I don't believe that I got the STAY SCARED tape, but luckily I did snatch this tape. Ripping US influenced hardcore. Think POISON IDEA, but not really haha. All the songs are relatively short, about a minute and a half, and they hit you fast and hard. They were great live too, so if you can catch them live someday, you definitely should. There were rumors going around that they were going to have a 7 inch ep out soon. Here's hoping...

Uploading demos, I've come to the realization that most bands have a bandcamp these days. This is the face of punk (and music in general) in 2014. But what do I know, I'm sharing this on a blog in 2014! Anyways, check out their bandcamp and support the band with any kind of donation if you can/want/feel like it. You can also download my tape rip if you want that hissy pleasure.

Download my tape rip here

And check out the RECKLESS bandcamp here

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  1. amazing demo, hopr to hear 7" in near time!
    and also cool blog too :)