Monday, November 17, 2014


Our latest effort. If you've been following this blog, you've most likely been following GENERACION SUICIDA as well. This record has been out for about 3 months now. It was recorded in March of 2014 at a tiny studio near Downtown LA. Everything except the vocals were done on that one day. In coming up with the idea to make this record, we intended to make something that was a bit harder and more raw than the first Lp. I'd like to think that we succeeded in what we were aiming for, as this record is faster and more aggressive than "Con La Muerte a Tu Lado". Anyways, we took the original picture for the cover ourselves. However, it was too low res to use, and so it was retaken during the "Todo Termina" music video shoot. Below you can see the original pic that was going to be used.


Not a huge difference, but yeah. Obviously, we have no idea who's grave that is...

Anyways, there was a lot of work put into this record and a lot of ideas that I'm glad we were finally put onto wax. Below you can check out the music video we did for the record:

You can stream and buy "Todo Termina" off our bandcamp here

Here's a youtube upload of the full album too

We've already begun working on writing material for a 3rd Lp, but let's just stop here (for now)...

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  1. ola !
    We miss you 01/01/2014 @ Offenburg (Germany) !
    Will you be back in Europa ?
    Cheers !