Monday, November 24, 2014


Mondays always suck. Ask anybody what's their least favorite day of the week and they'll all tell ya it's Monday. But today, we have this little demo that will hopefully get you through it. LA EQUI (or is it LAEQUI?) is one of the newer bands from LA. They're a 2 piece that forgoes a bassist and keeps it strictly at just guitar, drums, and vocals. This band kind of reminds me of the bands that were coming out in 2009 in LA. This could easily have been coming out alongside RAYOS X, POLISKITZO, TUBERCULOSIS... All the bands that made LA unique for punk. This demo takes me back to a simpler time, before everything started to get gentrified and people from other states started moving in and telling us how LA punk should be... We won't talk about that (for now), so let's just crack open a 40oz, inhale some noz, and enjoy this demo.

Download it here.

By the way, noz is stupid. Don't do it. I lost way too many brain cells before realizing how dumb that shit is...

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