Wednesday, November 19, 2014


I've talked a lot about LA VOZ in the past (and you can download their 2009 demo here and their "Deprimido" 7 inch here). To me, they were one of the most underrated bands in the scene back in the day. I remember the first time I saw them play at the Boyle Heights house along with SILENT MAJORITY from Portland (man, I wish I bought their tape that night). They were pretty cool to watch live, though I think a lot of people didn't really give them a chance and so they just kind of gave up. I remember when I use to book shows at the Crash Pad back in the day and I would always hit up the drummer from LA VOZ to come play. They always bailed last minute though and there were always rumors that they had already broken up. For sure, the last show they ever played was a show in some little basement on Skid Row in Downtown LA. Anyways, these days Mario (the vocalist) plays guitar in GENERACION SUICIDA, and more recently we also added Elias (the guitarist) as our new bassist, so I guess in the end everything kind of worked itself out. This final demo is the last thing they ever recorded as a band. It appears that they only made 60 of these CD-R's, but it seems most of them are in my car (AKA the trash). That's a damn shame, cuz this demo is pretty good. You can really see the progression that they were making, as the songs seem a bit slower and more melodic. If you liked the first demo and the 7 inch, then you'll probably enjoy this too.

Download the demo here: Y YO QUISIERA!!

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