Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Yesterday was pretty painful. I threw my back out lifting something heavy in the middle of the day at work. As I lay there on the floor contemplating where it all went wrong, it hit me. The meaning of life is do what you want, listen to punk, and fuck all this heavy shit! Actually, I take that back. Here's something good that's heavy: BUTCHER BOYS. They played a couple of weeks ago in South Central with UNDERPASS, MORNING COUPE, and PELUZA. They showed up at the very end because one of the members got out of work late. At this point in the show, the neighbors had already complained about the noise because they were having their own party and our party was louder than theirs (go figure). BUTCHER BOYS were given a short but sweet set and it blew everyone that was there away. At times this reminds me of CATHOLIC SPIT without all the little guitar and drum intricacies. I don't know too much about this band except they'll be playing on May 7 with LOS MONJO, RULETA RUSA, and NO PEACE. You can check preview what they sound like before then by checking them out here.

Here's the flyer for that May 7 show. Be there or don't!

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