Tuesday, April 12, 2016


This morning was one of those rare days where nothing seemed to faze me. Forgot my work bus pass at home? No worries, I'll just buy a pass! I forgot my work badge? No worries, I'll just buzz myself in all day! Vacation denied? No worries, I'll just fake my own death! Ya see? there's a solution to almost all of life's little problems. One of the main things that keeps me feeling upbeat when the world is trying to beat me up are bands like MÜLLTÜTE. I love this band! I first ran into them during our tour of Germany back in 2013. It sucks that I missed them when they played (I can't remember what I was doing. Probably being a bozo though). The next day after the show, I managed to get a hold of their 3 current Ep's. Since then, they've been a constant piece of wax on my turntable. They sound like a mix of RAZZIA and GAUZE. Lots of good stuff coming out of just a 2 piece band. They also have an LP that came out not too long ago, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get my hands on that (yet).

You can download their 3 Ep's here. You can get the demo over here

EDIT: I've re-uploaded a better download link for yall. I guess it's back to mediafire!


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