Monday, April 4, 2016


I just spent the weekend traversing areas of California I had never seen. I fed ostriches and emus and saw colorful valleys and giant elephant seals. Along the way, there was one point where the fog just rolled in out of nowhere and it completely obstructed my view. Rather than panicking at the thought of just flying off the highway, I started bumping SYNDROME 81. Tough, melodic, Oi with a hint of post-punk. It goes perfect with any near death experience or gloomy weather! I'm not too sure who is in this band, but I think it may have members of LITOVSK (you can check them out over here). Both bands sound pretty alike in my opinion. Anyways, now everyone can download this stuff and scuff their boots, cuz the oi is back in town! (that joke is terrible. I will go cry in shame now which is awkward cuz I'm at work and everyone will see).

Check out and download everything of SYNDROME 81 here.

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