Thursday, December 16, 2010


About a year after the print zine started, Kiwi and I created Fronteras Desarmadas Videozine. The videozine is meant to supplement the print zine by showing actual shows in LA. One thing is to read about the shows in LA, another thing is to actually see one! When we first started to record the shows, we didn't own a camcorder. We used the video feature on a digital camera (that's why some parts in the first episode looks and sounds like crap). Afterwards, we borrowed a HD camcorder from a friend and filmed the remaining shows for the zine. The cameras we use don't have a way to plug in a microphone (we just pretend), so it's kinda hard to hear us talk, but you can pretty much make it out. The videozine is made using windows movie maker and in my opinion is pretty crude compared to other videozine's out there. I have no filming skills and really all I do is get drunk at shows and film everything I can, but I like to think I'm documenting what I love the best way I can. At the moment, we're trying to raise the money to get our own camera and film shows again. I have enough footage from the last year to make another episode or two, but I'm holding off on releasing it until I can get the footage cleaned up.

Here's episode 1:

Fronteras Desarmadas Punk Video Zine Episode 1 from Fronteras Desarmadas on Vimeo.

Here's episode 2 (which is way better I think):

Fronteras Desarmadas Episode 2 from Fronteras Desarmadas on Vimeo.

If you like the videozine, check these guys out:

They have an awesome videozine based out of the bay area.

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  1. y u guys stop making fronteras desaramdas episodes