Tuesday, December 28, 2010


OK, so enough with the goth/dark wave. Lets get on with some punk! Poliskitzo are another band from the golden land of LA. They're actually my favorite local band and they are always fun to watch at shows. Usually people put them to play last, and they'll play for hours (regardless of whether you want them to or not)! They're not your average local hardcore band, either. They have elements of "La Banda Trapera Del Rio", "Eskorbuto", and "Paralises Permanente" (quite a melodic combo). Before they were "Poliskitzo", they were called "Ya Basta" and hopefully after this post, I can put up that original demo. Regardless, this tape rips!



Here's a flyer for a show Saturday that Poliskitzo and a bunch of other awesome bands are gonna play:


If you're in LA Saturday, come check it out.

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