Friday, December 24, 2010


Unfortunately, I had technical problems last night and couldn't fulfill my blogger duties. Anyways, what better day than Christmas Eve to post about IV Reich. I personally believe that IV Reich is one the most influential bands in the punk scene for ponkeras. For those who might not know, the band consists of two women, one on bass and one on guitar/vocals, and two men (drummer and vocalist). This line up is unique to me because women in the punk scene are often regulated to playing bass or vocals. Not often do you get a combo of women playing guitar and bass (one exception is the excellent Free Radicalz from PDX which I had the pleasure of seeing a couple of months back). To me, IV Reich sounds like a mixture of Cocadictos, RIP, and HHH. Here is a video from youtube that I enjoy (unfortunately, the bass player is missing):

Here's the Discography CD, which covers everything this amazing band released (demo's, live stuff, it's great):

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