Thursday, December 30, 2010


Although the term "ponkeras" is in Spanish, I want to make it clear that the term refers to all women in punk, regardless of their ethnicity or the language they speak. Such is the case for Verraterisch, a local punk band from Sacramento that sings in German. I first heard them when Rayos X came back to LA from their last out of town trip, and let me tell you, they blew my mind. They remind me of the bands Disorder and Chaos UK with fierce female vocals and no guitar. That's right. NO GUITAR! It's hard to imagine a band sounding so fierce without such an essential instrument, but Verraterisch pulls it off nicely. I highly recommend everyone to check them out if they pass by Sacramento. As a matter of fact,I do believe Verraterisch has a show this week but it might have gotten canceled. I'll update this post if it hasn't been. In the meantime here is the tape for all of you to enjoy.


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  1. Love this band... proves you don't always need a guitar to make some raaaad noise