Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ough! Too punk!

What is Ough? Seriously! Every other band here in LA (and really the world) does it. It's like a mandatory right of passage for every punk band or something. In case you don't know what "ough" is, it's a short grunt sound similar to like if you're getting kicked in the gut. Usually bands do it in the middle of a song or spelled out on their logos, etc... LA bands are especially notorious for this practice. Case in point, exhibit A:

Here's a flyer for the short lived Solo Se Oye Punk radio from LA. Notice the huge "Ough!!!"? I'm sure you do, as it stands out pretty well. "Ough", of course, is nothing new. It's been around for years. The earliest band I can think of that does it is Ratos De Porao in the song "Agressão Repressão" (though I'm sure it's been around longer than that). To me, "ough" is simply a primal grunt that reminds us we are animals. It has no real meaning, other than a way to express yourself without real words. Here's exhibit B, a list of bands that say "ough" in their songs:

Ratos De Porao - Agressão Repressão

Svart Framitd - Nar Bomba Kommer (starts at 4:47 in the video)

Olho Seco - Isto E Olho Seco (No video, here's the track):


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