Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I haven't got a thing to write about today. I actually was going to upload the Ya Basta! stuff I talked about yesterday, but I was unable to find the CD. I guess I'll have to ask Poliskitzo about getting another copy. Anyways, instead today I'm going to talk a little bit about RIP. I'm sure everyone already knows who RIP is. They're definitely one of my favorite bands and one of the greatest bands to have ever come out of the Basque Country (along with Eskorbuto of course). Now, I'm no RIP expert, but I do believe they were formed in around 1979. Originally, they had a different singer, who was drafted into the army soon after forming the band. To replace that singer, they got Mahoma, who is the singer you hear on all the RIP recordings. He really has a heavy presence, as his voice is BOOMING! Definitely a one of a kind voice that is simply irreplaceable. And if there's a doubt in your mind, just watch the video:

Of course, there was also the bass player, Portu, who also sang. He had a different style of singing that was also all its own:

In the end, both Mahoma and Portu passed away. Of course, that didn't stop RIP from playing a reunion show a few years back, with Portu's brother on bass and Mahoma being replaced by someone else. Unfortunately, I just can't find that video on youtube anymore. Anyways, if you've never heard them, I suggest you do. Here's there one and only full length album (they did a split with Eskorbuto that's also amazingly good). It's called "No Te Muevas" and it was released in 1987. It's one of my top ten favorite albums of all time for sure...

Oh! and for kicks, here's a video of RIP covering Angelic Upstarts' "Solidarity". Makes me wanna pogo!


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  1. Mahoma fue el segundo cantante de R.I.P.

    El concierto al que haces referencia, el cantante fue Mallabi.

    Mallabi fue el primer cantante de R.I.P cuando se llamaban Doble Cero (nombre del hachis de mejor calidad que había en esa época)

    Fue sustituido por Carlos al tener que ir a la mili (Servicio Militar Obligatorio)

    En la actualidad el único miembro vivo es Txerra, el bateria. hermano de Yul Bolinaga, guitarrista. Este último fallecio en 2015 a causa de un ataque al corazón durante un concierto. Tocaba en la banda The Potes.

    Si tienes ocasión, consigue la reedición del "No te muevas", está muy completa. Viene con un fanzine dedicado a los R.I.P y con un poster/collage del grupo.

    Un saludo