Monday, December 20, 2010



Who likes Masshysteri or Lost Kids? I know we do. That's the premise behind Generacion Suicida (named after the Vicious song "Suicide Generation", get it?). This band was created almost a year ago by members of Rayos X and Astalkulo. We haven't played too many shows, though that's quickly starting to change. We've been called many things from power pop to 77 punk, but it's all just rock n' roll to me. Here's a track from the upcoming tape, due out in January:

I think the song goes perfect with this thunderstorm we are currently having in LA (gotta love this weather!).


  1. Yes!! I finally got this track! I've been wanting it for a good while! I can't wait for the tape. Ha so it was at your house that AS recorded? Were you playing with them right before they broke up? Convince them to play a final show!

  2. Yeah, I recorded them at my pad when we were kids. I played with them like 10 shows, right before they broke up. I doubt there'd ever be a reunion seeing as the bassist is living in Mexico, the drummers in Astalkulo, and the many different singers are in many different places, haha!